Development • Disgrace and honor

As a member of Guangdong East Curtain Wall Engineering Co., Ltd. (East Curtain Wall), BROAD is a famous enterprise engaged in producing high-class precision aluminum alloy certain wall windows and doors. And its growth is closely linked with East Curtain Wall. Introduced by Hong Dang, an architect of Singapore, president of East Curtain Wall got to know Mohamed in 2004, who was working in the real estate development in Dubai.Through the introduction of Mohamed, East Curtain Wall participated in the window- and door-related products tendering of a high-class project in Dubai. The representatives of East Curtain Wall expected to win the tendering easily; however, on the bid evaluation meeting, a German inspected every smallest detail of each sample plate carefully and they even checked with a powerful torch to see whether light could leak in through the windows and doors due to poor workmanship. The high-spirited representatives of East Curtain Wall became diffident. They had never seen inspections done so carefully and meticulously like laser scanning.

After a long twenty-minute inspection, the German turned around with a smile and told the representatives of East Curtain Wall in a polite manner that the products had nice appearances and solid structures; however, they had four problems. First, the screws used for the three window boards were different and improperly used; Second, the hinges of the three window boards were not installed at the exact places and it seemed that it was caused by the lack of a standard; Third, it was ignorant to seal the splicing positions of profiled materials with an ordinary glass cement, which resulted in potential water leakage; Fourth, what's worse was that a credit card could slide freely in the sealed position of a closed window, indicating poor closing of the window. The more interesting thing was the three window boards had different degree of tightness. After pointing out the shortcomings frankly, the German said with ironic humor: Chinese people are quick in copying; however, you neglect details while pursuing high efficiency and benefits. Our companies in Germany are all called window and door system companies because we pursue high-performance windows and doors based on rigorous technical design and standardized production”. The German used the 'COPY' word when pointing out our shortcomings. The representatives of East Curtain Wall suddenly found that there's a long way to go to grow into a representative in its field.

Obviously, the representatives of East Curtain Wall left embarrassed and lost the chance for cooperation. Staff of East Curtain Wall felt indignant for the shame on Chinese people and decided to become a professional window and door system company as mentioned by the German expert to improve image of the window and door products in China and, more importantly, find an approach for the future development of East Curtain Wall.

Accumulation • System improvement

In the following two years, the board of directors of East Curtain Wall organized a few delegations to Germany. On one occasion, on the airplane to Nuremberg, the delegation got to know Danny Chen, a German Chinese engineer of windows and doors. Through his introduction, the delegation later visited the window and door systems of several enterprises in Germany.

The delegation found that the enterprises had accurate equipment and tools, standard manufacturing drawings, scientific and complete commissioning devices for finished product, and they felt that rigorous window and door systems will surely become a substitute for the simple manufacturing mode of the similar products in China and a core for development of the window and door field.

In 2007, the board of directors of East Curtain Wall decided to establish BROAD curtain wall window and door system Co., Ltd. (BROAD) and invite Danny Chen to cooperate in upgrading the R&D and production of East Curtain Wall. Furthermore, BROAD has established a long-term cooperation with the window and door design companies and material supplies in countries such as the U.S. and the U.K., the company introduced equipment from Germany and cooperated with the best industrial design companies in China to develop new products and create its own window and door system standards.

In the last three years, BROAD has successfully introduced its products to international markets including the North American countries, the South American countries, U.K., Australia, countries in the Middle East etc. It was invited for the bidding for a private villa group of Mohamed in Dubai. It won the bid and was favored by some other high-end private club projects as well.

Upgrade • Pursue Precision

In 2010, BROAD integrated its resources and advantages, changed its marketing strategy, capitalized on the product trend and export trend of relevant projects in China and finally created BROAD Window and Door System, a high-end window and door brand in China. Thanks to its internationally leading interior decoration products and customized premium services, BROAD Window and Door System M is universally praised by the users in the South China who first tried the home decoration products of BROAD. The system will create a new legend of high-class window and door brand based on a precision system standard.

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