Innovation is the fundamental guarantee

Innovation is the fundamental guarantee to the development of aluminum windows and doors enterprises 2013-9-23 Mohamed is from Dubai, we always meet him in China's important industry exhibition and symposium. There are more and more technical personnel in China familiar with LuoKeDi, meanwhile the aluminum processing technology from Dubai is given more and more attention by people.  I know Mohamed began in 2004. Nine years passed, Mohamed with his strength and prestige has becoming famous in the Chinese door industry. And I was always thinking about such a question, “What knowledge and experience should our windows and doors enterprise actually learn from him? The answer is innovation. Innovation is the fundamental guarantee to the development of aluminum windows and doors enterprises. This is the most touching words from Mr Luokedi interview. Mohamed was very humorous. He said he loves China and will to devote all the aluminum processing technology that he builds up in his whole life to Chinese windows and doors enterprise. But unfortunately, the leader of China's enterprise seems to be paying more attention on equipment these tangible assets, and with negative attitude on intangible assets such as intellectual property rights. Mohamed puts forward three Suggestions without reservation: It is suggested that company with economic strength and high technology to pay more attention to new product development, especially to be aware of international technological development status, absorb advanced experience in order to form property rights to their own unique products, also they should pay more attention to establish their own distribution channels and after-sales maintenance services system. To developing enterprise, they should focus on focus on a segment, a product, should not blindly expand the scope and content of concern, in order to avoid passive situation such as power dispersion and period extended; Pay more attention to integration products and after-sales service system. Pay more attention to production quality of aluminum accessories. A complete window is made with profiles, glass and accessories. If the quality of the accessories cannot be guaranteed, it is difficult to finish the quality doors and Windows. Mohamed suggestion is relevant. Innovation is the fundamental guarantee for enterprise development. We firmly believe that in the future, the domestic entrepreneurs will be more widely to communicate with foreign experts. We also hope to have more technical experts like Mohamed to active in the Chinese construction industry stage, "to be the entrepreneur’s friend and serves for the enterprise".

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